About South France

Southern France rich in nature

 Southern France is known for the beautiful beach resort ``Nice'' and ``Marseille,'' famous for its skin-friendly soaps.
The natural cosmetics L'Occitane was also born in Provence.
This area is also known as Occitanie.
It is a region of calm nature where the magnificent nature of southern France stretches between the Pyrenees and Cevennes mountains.



Toulouse and Agde

Toulouse is famous as the headquarters of Airbus, but now it is also famous as a city where young people gather and IT companies from all over the world gather. Our home in France is also near Toulouse. The place where we got married was the coastal town of Agde, which is said to be the ``Black Pearl of the Mediterranean.'' Many people may have never heard of AGDE.

The Canal des Midei, a beautiful man-made river that runs from Bordeaux to the Mediterranean Sea and is a World Heritage Site, finally connects to the sea of Agde.

Along the way, you'll also find Carcassonne, one of the largest fortified cities in Europe.
You might think there are lots of boats and souvenir shops at the port, but as soon as you turn the corner, you'll find yourself on a beautiful sandy beach, lined with wonderful restaurants and cafes.

It's a "dream resort".

We would be happy if everyone could enjoy the warm climate and culture of southern France, which is rich in beautiful nature, through wine and coordinated food.

南フランスについて/About South Fance


そしてこの地は「オクシターニ(Occitanie )」と呼ばれる地域でもあります。