About Domaine Singla

Domaine Singla is the brand of the "Earl Singla Family," the producer of wines certified under the Côtes du Rousillon A.O.P by the "Rousillon Villages." This winemaking tradition, passed down since 1700, is the pride of the Singla Family. Currently managed by the 8th generation owner, Mr. Laurent Dobson Singla, who oversees everything from grape cultivation to bottling.

 In order to compete with the emerging New World wines, Domaine Singla focused on improving the quality of traditional grape varieties from the region rather than following trends. Since then, they have received numerous awards from various wine rating magazines such as RP, JD, GG, and Hachette.

The Mediterranean coast boasts 500 hectares of rocky terrain, forests, and steep slopes where grape roots firmly spread, yielding rich grapes. This wine was once a source of pride, even supplied to the Elysee Palace.

 On September 7, 2023, a exclusive contract was signed with "THOUREL JAPAN CO., LTD." for distribution within Japan, entrusting them as the official distributor in the country.