About La vie de chateau

About La vie de chateau
The site name “vie de chateau” means “Castle Town Life = Elegant and Fashionable Life” in French. I chose this site name with the hope that you can enjoy wine and food in a French style, and that I would like to share with you the life of a chateau in La Vie. THOUREL JAPON has an exclusive import and sales agreement in Japan with "EARL SINGLA" in southern France to produce "Côte des Roussillon. A.O.P certified" wine and "Violet", a specialty of "Toulouse", at Japanese farmers. I made it happen. ``Kir Royale Toulousan'', which is toasted with Violets pickled in sugar liqueur and other edeible folower in champagne, and ``Snow Style,'' a white wine where you add colored sugar to the edge of the glass, These are ways to enjoy wine that are influenced by French culture, which is rich in wine-based cocktails.

"La vie de chateau" is not only delivers French wine, but also conveys the culture of enjoying wine in a French style and hopes to bring smiles to everyone's faces.

Encounter with Domaine Singla

My mother-in-law lives in a resort called AGDE, which is known only to French people as the "Black Pearl of the Earth's Seas." We will introduce more about AGDE in "About Southern France".

There are many wineries in this area, but if you drive about an hour further south, you'll find a domaine called ``EARL SINGLA'' that even French people don't know about.

 We were looking for new business. and from the south of France

In search of a unique and delicious wine, we created a list of over 100 wine producers, researched them one by one, and one of the last five companies left was ``EARL Singla''.

When I tasted the wine from Domaine Singla, the main brand of Earl Singla, I was captivated by its deep body, powerful wine, and elegance.  

Moreover, it is not exported to Japan.

 Not only is the quality of the wine high, but the current owner, Laurent,

He was friendly and kind to us. On the other hand, he is a skilled businessman who has continued the historic family business and has made full use of his ideas and techniques, such as reforming varieties and converting to organic manufacturing methods.

The historic Earl Singla family of companies has concluded an exclusive contract in Japan with the recently established THOUREL JAPAN.

“ラ ヴィデ シャトー”にようこそ!

“ラ ヴィデシャトー”の始まり

サイト名でもある “ラ ヴィデシャトー”とはフランス語で「城下町の生活=優雅なおしゃれな生活」という意味です。
トゥーレール・ジャポンが南フランス「アール・シングラ」と日本での独占的輸入販売契約した「コート・デ・ルーションA.O.P認証」のワインと「トゥールーズ」の特産である「すみれ」を日本の生産農家で実現させました。スミレなどの砂糖漬けをシャンパンに入れて乾杯する「キールロワイヤルトゥールーザン」や「グラスの淵にカラーシュガーをつけていただく白ワイン「スノースタイル」。これらは、ワインを使ったカクテルが豊富なフランスの文化から影響をうけた「ワイン」の楽しみ方です。フランスワインを届けるのはもちろんですが、ワインをフランス風に楽しむ文化を伝え、皆さまの笑顔が増えることを願う、それが「ラ ヴィデシャトーです。」